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Deathbed Confessions… a 2013 interview with Wilko Johnson, Part 2

Please forgive the lurid headline. When we spoke in April 2013, Wilko was expecting to die from terminal cancer within six months, yet he was philosophical and good-humoured about his predicament. Miraculously, he underwent life-saving surgery in 2014. You can read Part 1 of the interview here The topics in Part 2 include [...]

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Pick up thy Telecaster and walk… an interview with Wilko Johnson

Biblical jokes aside, it really is a miracle, for if truth bears out, the second coming of Wilko Johnson will match, in modern terms, anything you might find in the good book. 18 months ago he sold out multiple nights at London’s Koko and other places, not only on the strength of his [...]

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Lee Brilleaux 10 May 1952 – 7 April 1994

Main photo: Patrick Higgins To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Lee's death I offer the following article written for Uncut in 2004. An Officer and a Gentleman As the media trumpet the genius of Kurt Cobain, who shot himself in the head 10 years ago, let us not forget another rock’n’roll hero who died that same [...]

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Gypie Mayo 1951-2013, guitar strangler extraordinaire

There is no doubt that the British rhythm and blues combo Dr Feelgood was as much a hot house for great guitarists as were The Yardbirds (Clapton, Beck, Page...), or that Wilko Johnson created the template on which the Feelgoods’ sound was built. And so, when in 1977 Wilko departed the band he [...]

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