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Joe B Mauldin – cornerstone of beat group anatomy

Main image L-R Sonny Curtis, Joe B Mauldin, Glen D Hardin, WB, Jerry Allison, 1997 Joe B Mauldin, bassist in Buddy Holly's Crickets, died on 7 February. His nimble instrumental work on many of The Crickets' hits helped to define the sound of early rock'n'roll, and he was a co-inventor of the modern, self-contained [...]

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Alvin Stardust remembered

There was once a local rumour that his mum ran the newsstand on Wickford Station (eastbound side), but that may have been someone’s ‘Jealous Mind’ when the mighty Alvin Stardust dominated the UK hit parade, circa 1973. Despite his ludicrous leather cat-suit and platforms higher than, well, the platform at Wickford Station, I [...]

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