Kursaal Flyers made their debut in February 1974 at the Blue Boar in Southend-on-Sea, commencing a 9-month residency. During that time, with help from Dr Feelgood, the Kursaals broke onto the London pub rock circuit. Glowing reviews in the music press led to the group being signed to Jonathan King’s UK Records and the debut LP ‘Chocs Away’ (1975). The original line-up of Paul Shuttleworth (vocal), Vic Collins (pedal steel guitar), Graeme Douglas (guitar), Richie Bull (bass and banjo) and Will Birch (drums) toured Europe as support to The Flying Burrito Brothers. Later that year the Kursaals appeared in the BBC2 documentary ‘So You Wanna Be A Rock’n’Roll Star’, directed by Mark Kidel. A second LP, ‘The Great Artiste’ was released in early 1976. Switching to CBS Records the Kursaals recorded ‘Golden Mile’ with producer Mike Batt, and the first 45 from it, ‘Little Does She Know’, was a hit, ensuring appearances on Top Of The Pops. Extensive tours of Europe followed. The Kursaal Flyers disbanded at the end of 1977. A reunion of the original line-up in 1985 resulted in the recording of the LP ‘A Former Tour de Force is Forced to Tour‘ (1988).