with various co-writers; all lyrics by Will Birch except where indicated*

A Former Tour de Force (Is Forced To Tour) Graeme Douglas Kursaal Flyers
A1 On The Jukebox Dave Edmunds Dave Edmunds; Linda Gail Lewis; Elizabeth McQueen; BR5-49; others
Capturing The Flag* S Griffin/S McCarthy/G
Sowders/T Stevens
Long Ryders
Don’t Wait Up Paul Astles Dr Feelgood
Down By The Jetty Blues L Brilleaux/S Walwyn/K Morris Dr Feelgood
Drinking Alone Graeme Douglas Kursaal Flyers; Becky Bishop
Everything But A Heartbeat Richie Bull Kursaal Flyers; The Searchers
Girls That Don’t Exist Richie Bull Kursaal Flyers; The Records
Hearts In Her Eyes John Wicks The Searchers; The Records; B-Girls; Vanity Fare; Mary Chapin Carpenter (unreleased); others
Hearts Will Be Broken John Wicks The Records; Rachel Gordon
Hit Records Graeme Douglas Kursaal Flyers
Hunting Shooting Fishing Gordon Russell Dr Feelgood
I Made My Excuses And Stayed Bobby Valentino Bobby Valentino
If The Shoe Fits* Nick Lowe Carlene Carter
Laughter Turns To Tears Billy Bremner Billy Bremner; Hollies; Alvin Stardust
Little Does She Know Graeme Douglas/Paul Shuttleworth Kursaal Flyers; Richard Anthony
Loud Music In Cars Billy Bremner Billy Bremner
Monster-in-Law* Graeme Douglas Kursaal Flyers
My Sugar Turns To Alcohol Graeme Douglas Dr Feelgood; Kursaal Flyers
Original Model Kursaal Flyers; Low Numbers
Peggy, Sue Clive Gregson Clive Gregson
Pin A Medal On Mary John Wicks Rachel Sweet
Pocket Money Graeme Douglas Kursaal Flyers
Pre-Madonna Graeme Douglas Kursaal Flyers
Radio Romance Vic Collins/Paul Shuttleworth Kursaal Flyers; The Searchers
Rumour Sets The Woods Alight John Wicks The Records; Michael Monroe
Speedway Dave Murdock Kursaal Flyers
Starry Eyes John Wicks The Records; Too Much Joy; Blackpool Lights; They Might Be Giants; others
Teenarama John Wicks The Records
Television Generation Richie Bull Kursaal Flyers
The Man Who Invented Jazz Bobby Valentino Bobby Valentino
The Same Mistakes John Wicks The Records; Chopper
Tired And Emotional (And Probably Drunk) Billy Bremner Billy Bremner
You’ll Be Sorry Bobby Valentino Bobby Valentino